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They took it away......

Hello everyone I just have a few things I would like to set the record straight.

The State of Maryland (your Lawmakers) took your Rx Drug coverage. Did you hear me ? They took it. Too many people are telling others that Maryland Lawmakers are trying to take it away and we are fighting to keep it. No. They are not trying to - they did it.

The only reason you have it is because the injunction is in effect. Who gave us the injunction? A Federal Judge. How did you get that injunction? Ken Fitch Hired Deb Hill. And Fitch vs Maryland is now history. We are still in court. We may be in court a few more years.

The problem is the coverage never stopped because I got Deb Hill and she got our injunction. So no one has really felt the effects of the loss of coverage, so many State Retirees DO NOT KNOW. These people must be educated. You must let them know, but you have to understand this first - Lawmakers took your Drug coverage in 2011 and all our efforts are to reinstate – not to stop them from taking it away. Its already gone. If we lose the court case or can’t get a bill through the General Assembly, we will have nothing.

Ken Fitch


United We Matter

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