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A President's Message 2022

      In 2019, 2020, 2021 and now 2022, I have managed to get a bill submitted to the Maryland General Assembly to reinstate the prescription drug program that benefited elderly and disabled State retirees.

     The bills submitted in the 2022 session (one in the House and one in the Senate) seeks to reinstate this benefit for any retiree or active employee who worked at least 5 years before July 1, 2011 and retired from the State.

      The battle goes on, but I continue to fight.......  

Ken Fitch, President




February 8, 2022

To State Employees & Retirees:

Finally, we have a House Bill Number.  It is HB 0892.  Wow, look at all the co-sponsors! Looks like 42. 

Do you see your lawmaker there?  If not – why not?  You need to go to bed tonight knowing you did everything in your power to get your representative to co-sponsor this bill.  It could be our last great chance to get this done.  Its your coverage – I hope you fought for it.  Thank you to all those who called and emailed.  Your efforts are below for everyone to see.

Co-sponsors to Delegate Joe Boteler’s Bill - HB 0892:

Christopher Adams (Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot & Wicomico)

Carl Anderton (Wicomico)

Steven Arentz (Kent, Queen Anne’s, Cecil, & Caroline)

Lauren Arikan (Baltimore & Harford)

Lisa Belcastro (Baltimore County)

Jason Buckel (Allegany County)

Ned Carey (Anne Arundel)

Barrie Ciliberti (Frederick & Carroll)

Jefferson Ghrist (Kent, Queen Anne’s, Cecil, & Caroline)

Robin Grammar (Baltimore County)

Mike Griffith (Cecil & Harford)

Michele Guyton (Baltimore County)

Wayne Hartman (Wicomico & Worcester)

Kevin Hornberger (Cecil County)

Seth Howard (Anne Arundel County)

Rick Impallaria (Baltimore & Harford)

Carl Jackson (Baltimore County)

Jay Jacobs (Ken, Queen Anne, Cecil, & Caroline)

Jay Jalisi (Baltimore County)

Dana Jones (Anne Arundel)

Nicholaus Kipke (Anne Arundel)

Trent Kittleman (Howard & Carroll)

Susan Krebs (Carroll County)

Cheryl Landis (Prince George’s County)

Mary Ann Lisanti (Harford County)

Robert Long (Baltimore County)

Johnny Mautz (Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot & Wicomico)

Susan McComas (Harford County)

Mike McKay (Allegany & Washington)

Ric Metzgar (Baltimore County)

Matthew Morgan (St. Mary’s County)

Rachel Munoz (Anne Arundel)

Reid Novotny (Howard & Carroll)

Charles Otto (Somerset & Worcester)

Neil Parrott (Washington County)

Teresa Reilly (Cecil & Harford)

April Rose (Carroll County)

Sid Saab (Anne Arundel)

Haven Shoemaker (Carroll County)

Kathy Szeliga (Baltimore County)

William Wivell (Washington County)


      Here is a link to the legislation. The hyperlink is not working yet, I think because it has to go through the first reading of the bill, however this bill is IDENTICAL to SB 0578 except for the names of the co-sponsors, so you should know what it says. This bill asks for reinstatement of the prescription drug coverage for any State employee or Retiree who worked at least 5 years prior to 2011 and retired from the State. 



Ken Fitch

Ken Fitch, President




February 2, 2022


Hello Retirees,


Its starting…..

Senator Kathy Klausmeier has filed her bill to reinstate our prescription drug coverage in the Maryland Senate.  The bill number is SB 0578.  It already had its first reading. The bill is in the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee.  


Co-Sponsors to Senator Klausmeier Bill - SB 0578 

Senator Augustine                 PG County

Senator Corderman               Washington County

Senator Edwards                    Garret, Allegany &                                                                 Washington County

Senator Hershey                     Kent, Queen Anne’s, Cecil                                                   & Caroline County

Senator Hester                       Carroll & Howard County

Senator Hettleman                Baltimore County

Senator Corazza                    Somerset, Worchester &                                                      Wicomico County

Senator Lee                            Montgomery County

Senator McCray                     Baltimore City

Senator Patterson                  Prince George’s County

Senator, Salling                      Baltimore County

Senator Simonaire                 Anne Arundel County

Senator Sydnor                      Baltimore City/Baltimore                                                      County

Senator Watson                     Prince George’s County

Senator West                         Baltimore County


Do you see your Senator?  If they are not supporting YOU – Why Not? This should be something you remember when you vote. As soon as we get the HB Bill number our Media Blitz will begin.  Let’s get started.



Ken Fitch

Ken Fitch, President


Call, Email, Write Letters to your Lawmaker and demand that these bills get out of committee and onto the Floor for a vote. 

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