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State Retiree WE MATTER Car Rally II


           The morning was sunny and a little chilly as people began showing up between 7:15 and 8:00am on the Graul’s SuperMarket parking lot for the Covid WE MATTER Car Rally II. People were arriving getting out of their cars and trucks to decorate for the rally. There were balloons, streamers, even a Hogan doll (with a diaper lol) and signs – plenty of signs.

           Then 8:00 am arrived and we pulled out of Graul’s headed to downtown Annapolis but before we could get there we had to stop at the longest light in history. When the light changed only about three or four cars could make the turn onto Rowe Blvd. We stopped at the Treasury building and sat and waited for everyone before heading off to Church Circle, driving past the Governor’s house before turning up a side road to make our way around State Circle where we were stopped by Capital police. Officer Cheng asked a bunch of questions like who are we, why are we here, how long will we be here, etc. Our attorney gave her contact information in case any issue would arise. Then we began our parade around State Circle before going back to Church Circle and riding past the Governor’s Mansion.

        The red lights and the flashing police cars broke us up a little bit, but all that caused was major gridlock around Church Circle. No one could go anywhere. It was a good feeling. We made Annapolis stand still because the circle was filled with State Retirees honking, yelling, waving signs out of windows and blasting air guns. I don’t think Annapolis has ever been treated to a group off ticked of senior citizens like we were today. According to the sign-up sheet we had 18 people participating in today’s car rally and about 15 cars (think if we had more!) the police in the cars would have had to get out of those flashing vehicles and direct traffic!   Maybe next time…..


             I would like to personally thank everyone who showed up and waved and honked on behalf of themselves, this movement and all the seniors who could not make it today:


Evelyn Arvin, Clara and Anthony Agro , Joan Baer, Janice Brown, Judy Calabrese, Carol and Bud Eckstorm, Mary Frye, Barb and Jim Hall, Lois Herty, Ike and Carolyn Johnson, Kathy and Buzz, Kilian Renee Hiltner Mierczak

Marsi Miranda, Susan Oberfeld, Diane Ramsey, Patrick & Patricia Siemek, Mary Smith, Brian Smith, Adrian S. Tiggle

Pictures (courtesy of Vickie Agro and Mary Frye) and a video is uploaded in the Member section. All I can offer is my recap and my thanks. Thank you everyone.


Remember - We Matter


Ken Fitch