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JULY 29, 2021 RALLY
@ Adrienne Jones District Office
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Filmed 07/29/2021.  United We Matter.  All Rights Reserved. 


            Well it was a nice day.  The rally was scheduled at 10:45. People showed up as early as 10:15 to let Adrienne Jones know that they are not happy with the theft of their RX drug coverage!  The weather was nice and the amount of people that showed up was great!  At around 10:50 Deb did a video of the live event with a lot of State retirees and there were still people showing up.  We had such a good turn out that we are preparing for the next one.  You remember the Bill Puller?  Aug. 11th is for him.  Look for a post coming soon - very soon .

Ken Fitch 


June 23, 2021 McIntosh Rally

Pictures 06/23/2021 United We Matter.  All Rights Reserved

Recap of McIntosh Rally

      Today about 20 people drove to Lewes Delaware to visit Maggie McIntosh the  Chairman of the Maryland House Appropriations Committee.   Delegate McIntosh should be ashamed – very ashamed.   She has not allowed any bill to reinstate prescription drug coverage for disabled and elderly State retirees out of her committee for the last three years.   So we drove down to Lewes to express our displeasure – peacefully.   And we did just that.

        Well the sidewalks were narrow and the road was wide.  When I arrived there were already three cars waiting at 11:00am!  Well everyone unpacked their lawn chairs and signs, staked out a portion of sidewalk and quietly protested the treatment of State Retirees by the State of Maryland.  Surprisingly, many Delaware residents stopped their cars and asked us what we were protesting.  Some stopped because they recognized McIntosh’s picture, some because of the statements on the signs, some just because.  We also had pedestrians walking by, cutting lawns, and riding bikes who were curious about these people dressed in bright yellow carrying signs with a picture inside a red circle with a line through it.  People who knew Delegate McIntosh stopped and listened amazed that the “nice lady” they knew was actively obstructing disabled and elderly retirees from receiving this benefit. Yes.  It was a good day.     


       Deb had electronic issues (she blames Facebook – I’m not so sure) so our Facebook live coverage was cut short, but we did get a video coverage as well that we will put together so you can see the whole event.  Remember the people who came out yesterday and drove to another State are fed up with the machinations of the General Assembly, the Governor, Delegate Adrienne Jones, President Billy Ferguson and Delegate Maggie McIntosh. They were so fed up they took this one day to do something about it.


  It took me about 2 hours and twenty minutes to reach our destination and I was coming for White Marsh.  We had protestors from Carroll County, Essex and the Eastern Shore, in fact, one protestor took off work specifically to protest Delegate MacIntosh’s inhumane treatment of disabled and elderly State Retirees.  They are tired of the lip service they are getting from lawmakers.  They can’t afford to pay the increased costs of medication. They want access to the benefit that they worked for and earned with their years of service. They have chosen to stand.   They will not be doormats. They have chosen to fight against this injustice until this wrong is made right.   I have just one question at this point – where were you?

June 9, 2021 Lawn Chair Rally


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Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates, Adrienne Jones held a Fundraiser at Overhills Mansion in Catonsville.  Donors paid from $500 - $2500 a plate.

Recap of the June 9th Lawn Chair  Rally


     What a day.  I had a cardiologist appointment for a stress test right before our rally.  Of course, my appointment was made way before this Rally was scheduled, but to reschedule the doctor appointment would put me months out.  And you know I couldn’t change the Rally date, because I was sure that Adrienne Jones wouldn’t change her fundraiser date that had been set in stone for a couple of months.  So I knew that today would tax my strength, but I was determined to do this.   Then there was the heat, the cicadas and the threat of severe thunderstorms.  By the time I got out of the Doctor’s office I was not only physically tired but mentally tired as well.  


    Deb drove us to Overhills Mansion not knowing what to expect.  When we turned the corner into the road leading to the mansion we were  greeted with a crowd of State Retirees sitting on lawn chairs, holding  signs, and wearing WE MATTER/United We Matter T-shirts.  Wow!  There were State Retirees winding up the street, waving signs and we honked in response.  What a rush!  I mean we got there early but the amount of people that showed up before we did made us feel we were late! Overall there were between 40 and 50 State Retirees greeting Adrienne Jones fundraiser donors as they entered the roadway to the Overhills mansion.  We most definitely were the talk of that dinner and the way I felt I am sure was felt by everyone who participated in this rally today.  


      I cannot thank you all enough for showing up.  It most definitely made a difference in our fight…and plus we had a great time.

Ken Fitch 

MAY 13, 2021 Rally at Adrienne Jones District Office