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JULY 29, 2021 RALLY
@ Adrienne Jones District Office
July 29 1_edited.jpg

Filmed 07/29/2021.  United We Matter.  All Rights Reserved. 


            Well it was a nice day.  The rally was scheduled at 10:45. People showed up as early as 10:15 to let Adrienne Jones know that they are not happy with the theft of their RX drug coverage!  The weather was nice and the amount of people that showed up was great!  At around 10:50 Deb did a video of the live event with a lot of State retirees and there were still people showing up.  We had such a good turn out that we are preparing for the next one.  You remember the Bill Puller?  Aug. 11th is for him.  Look for a post coming soon - very soon .

Ken Fitch 


June 23, 2021 McIntosh Rally