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First Annual Statewide Meeting

                                                                               State Wide Meeting Announcement


          I am planning our first Statewide Annual meeting. The meeting date will celebrate our first victory in Federal court. That is right. The injunction was entered on Oct.10th 2018 and the meeting is being scheduled close to that date. I am sending out invites to about 48 law makers and I would love to see this room filled with yellow shirts. The room seats 400 - we can do this. This will be our largest meeting ever. I am calling out to everyone from Western Maryland to Eastern shore and everywhere in between. This is our time to let them know how we feel about SB946 and educate them a little since we are not going away. More details later.


P.S…… I heard back from a few Law makers already!


Remember - We Matter

Ken Fitch

State Wide Meeting RECAP


           It is the opinion of many that this was the best WE MATTER meeting so far.  The meeting was jam packed with current and retired state of Maryland employees seeking information about United We Matter.   Senate Bill 946 ("SB946) and the lawsuit.  The meeting began with making clear that United We Matter, Inc was formed to fight and future challenge of state retirees pensions or pension benefits and that  you did not have to be a member of United We Matter to get updates about the lawsuit.

            Senator Salling, Delegate Boteler, Delegate Long and Delegate Arikan appeared at the afternoon portion of the meeting. Everyone should remember Delegate Arikan who is a member of the FANTASTIC FOUR.  The FANTASTIC FOUR  where the ONLY lawmakers who voted AGAINST SB946. They stood up and voted their conscience. I wish more lawmakers had that type of integrity.  The lawmakers were very responsive to our questions and I believe walked away with a better understanding of the impact this law will have on the state retirees.  It was a pleasure to see so many current employees there as well.  Their commentary on the stress and uncertainty they feel about making such a hasty retirement decision (December 31, 2019) brought the  reality of their situation to the forefront.

            Refreshments were served and the canteen was open for lunch.  The five hours flew by.  I would like to thank our volunteers who helped make this happen.  Howard and Kathleen Kilian, Phylis Reinard, Debbie Heim, Mary Frye, Keith Krickler, Karen Chase and Tee Carroll.  United We Matter is off to an impressive start.


                                                                                Together We Can


Ken Fitch


United We Matter

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