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Fund State Retirees not Illegal Aliens

On February 21, 2024,  four (4) United We Matter members, myself (virtually), the attorney, Mary Frye and Howard Kilian, testified against the passage of SB 705.  SB 705 wants the State of Maryland to submit a waiver to the federal government to establish a program to find funding to provide healthcare and RX coverage to illegal aliens.  Number one question is why haven’t you tried to find funding for State Retirees so they could keep their prescription drug coverage. There were 35 people who found this bill favorable.  There were four people who didn’t and recommended an unfavorable report.  I guess you know who the four were huh? 


Anyway, the sponsor of the bill, Senator Hayes, stated that he should have put a disclaimer for hatred in the bill in response to our testimony because we advocated for the rights of State Retirees over non-citizens.  Well, it didn’t stop there.  After the hearing, in the hallway Senator Hayes called the attorney, Mary, Howard and my sister Kathy racist and threatened them by saying, “you don’t want to mess with me, I am from West Baltimore.” This started a blowup in front of the hearing room with capitol police and the Senate Finance Staff scurrying around our members while the Senator hightailed it to the elevator. (I was told that there were people protecting him from our four members. Lol) Anyway everyone else was questioning our four members - trying to find out what happened. Ultimately the Attorney, Mary Frye and Howard Kilian and my sister Kathy walked to the President of the Senate office to file a ethics complaint against him.  They are seeking a reprimand from the Senate and an apology from the Senator.  


And how was your day…..?

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