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Reality Check

Updated: Apr 26

Help me to understand because I think quite a few people here need a reality check. I'm going to try to say this nicely. The Democrat majority of the Maryland General Assembly do not want your prescription drug coverage reinstated. Being an equal opportunity critic, the Republican Governor does not want your prescription drug coverage reinstated either. Although we have garnered much support from rank-and-file Republicans and one Republican candidate for Governor (Dan Cox) these crusaders are in the minority, and they (like us) are fighting an uphill battle against an entrenched majority. So you must stop denying the truth. United We Matter is fighting the politicians and United We Matter is fighting the people who can’t (or won’t) see how political this fight has become.

Well a lot of people are upset with the perception that I am bringing politics into this fight. For three years, I have tried and tried to keep this fight from becoming political. I have named the lawmakers who are fighting against reinstatement of our benefit, but I did not list their party. I have named the lawmakers who have supported our efforts but I did not list their party. I did not and would not list their party affiliation because I saw this issue as a humanitarian one that would move every lawmaker regardless of party. But I had a reality check. The Beer Brothers (Miller & Busch) took your coverage away. Martin O’Malley proposed the coverage elimination in his budget and then signed that elimination into law. Kathleen Klausmeier, Eric Bromwell and Carl Jackson withdrew their reinstatement bills because of pressure from their leadership. Adrienne Jones and Bill Ferguson don’t even want this issue discussed and the rank and file of the Democratic majority say they support reinstatement but are unwilling to fight for it on your behalf. And guess what? Up to this point the Democratic party has been successful in stopping reinstatement. So the people who are saying this can’t be political are denying reality. Democrats took it away and gave you a stiff middle finger when we asked for it back.

Give yourself a reality check and look at this another way. Did your neighbor take away your RX drug coverage? Did the grocer, your minister, Walmart, Target, Royal Farm, or a monster under the bed take it away? No it was the Democrat lawmakers in Annapolis, your politicians. If you voted for those backstabbing politicians then you should be on the phone calling them every day telling them to give your coverage back. You were betrayed…bamboozled by politicians who don’t care whether you live or die. Back in 2011 the Democrat party lead by Martin O'Malley voted to take your RX drug coverage and then hid it for seven years. A lot of them are still in office today. I can’t fight these politicians who took this coverage away and fight members who refuse to acknowledge that the lawmakers they support do not support this issue. Help me understand why this is not a political issue that needs a political fix.

I took Larry Hogan , Dave Brinkley and the State of Maryland to court and was awarded an injunction. Its been 4 years of begging for donations to pay the lawyer to get back what the Democrat party took away. Plus our taxes are paying the Attorney General who is fighting us in court and your tax dollars are paying these elected lawmakers salary who refuse to reinstate. Do you get it this yet ? This is political. Open your eyes. If you support any Democrat candidate who voted to eliminate your coverage, then you are contributing to our issue. You are saying to me and every retiree who needs this coverage – your life does not matter. Take a good look at the 25 FACTS Timeline. Somehow by not stating the obvious we have been distorting reality.

The obvious? The Democrat party does not want you to have your RX drug coverage. They didn’t want you to have it 2011 and after 4 years of trying to get this reinstated, I can state for a fact that they don’t want to give it to you now. We have to fight to get it back. It will not be returned because we are nice, or smile at them, or ask politely. No. They have resisted that for almost 4 years. We must push, protest, yell and scream until our coverage is reinstated. Call a spade a spade. Politicians are involved and Democrat politicians don’t want you to have a benefit that you worked for - that you earned. Please make me understand how we can keep politics out of this? If this did not involve politics and you have another explanation on how your drug coverage was lost, please email me and let me know.

Remember - WE MATTER and UNITED we will make a difference!

Ken Fitch

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 15, 2022

As I complete my ballot at home I am making sure NOT to vote for any NAYSAYERS that have been brought to our attention and making sure I vote for OUR supporters! Thank you for the continued details!i have been out of the area for a while and upon return had an envelope from AFSCME claiming the fight for reinstatement of our benefits Then asking to be a supporter and member! Marsi

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