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Maryland Residents

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Support Disabled & Elderly State Retirees


HELP US Repeal the Law that Eliminated Their Prescription Drug Coverage

           Capital punishment is a government-sanctioned practice whereby a person is killed by the state as a punishment for a crime.  Welcome to Maryland.  In Maryland, you do not have to kill someone to get the Death Penalty.  No.  To qualify for the Maryland Death Penalty all you have to do is (1) work for the State; (2) retire disabled; or (3) retire and turn 65.  The Maryland General Assembly and the Governor sentenced State retirees to death when they eliminated the prescription drug coverage program that was earned and paid for by State Retirees during their working years.

          The Program at issue covers State retirees who retired disabled or became 65 or older.  So right when age or disability makes availability of prescription medications a necessity, State retirees are rationing their medicine, selling their homes, slashing expenses to the bone to save enough money to buy medications if the prescription program is not reinstated.

          These State retirees were specifically targeted because Maryland lawmakers want to save money on pension payouts.   Maryland lawmakers see these retirees as a drag on society and helping them live longer will gain the State nothing.  Maryland lawmakers have rationalized that money earmarked for prescription drug coverage can be put to better use even though disabled and elderly State retirees were promised these benefits and paid for these benefits over decades of service.  

           YOU now have the opportunity to right a wrong.  Do not let them die. Sign this Petition.  They are your grandparents, your siblings, your Mom and your Dad.  Sign this Petition.  Value their lives, respect the sacrifices.  The disabled matter. Senior citizens matter. After years of dedicated service, they should not be in a position where they are begging for their lives.   Sign this petition.  We seek the Reinstatement of  Prescription Drug Coverage for State Retirees who are disabled and elderly.  Allow them the dignity of life. They earned it.

United We Matter | 4990 Mercantile Road, Unit #44102 | Nottingham,  MD 21236 | 443.608.0866

NOTICE TO SIGNERS:  Sign and print your name as it appears on the voter registration list.  By signing this petition, you agree that Prescription Drug Coverage should be reinstated for disabled and elderly state retirees and that to the best of your knowledge, you are registered to vote in Maryland and are eligible to have your signature counted for this petition.


Maryland Residents Only

United We Matter | P.O. Box 44102 | Nottingham, MD 21236 | 443.608.0866

United We Matter is a volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation of benefits earned by Maryland public sector employees.

The names and addresses obtained will be submitted to the State of Maryland, the Maryland General Assembly, the Governor of Maryland and the Maryland Attorney General to petition for the requested relief necessary to save the lives of retirees who are disabled and have reached the  age of 65 or older.  This information will not be used for any other purpose.  Email addresses are collected to update all persons as to progress of this petition.  Thank you for your support. 

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