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Fundraising Event

Spring Fling Luncheon.png


          *****HERE IS THE MENU ******


  • All lunches served with tossed salad

  • All Lunches served with fries

  • Pub Battered Rockfish (A Maryland favorite).

  • Turkey Sandwich w/lettuce & tomato

  • Chicken Fingers (white meat tenders)

  • Hot Roast Beef or Hot Turkey (served open face on white bread with gravy)

  • Shrimp Salad (Made Fresh Daily)

  • Classic BLT - Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato on white toast with mayo


In addition, these menu items are available for everyone:

  • Maryland Crab Soup

  • Maryland Crab Dip

  • Spring Fling Cake

  • Soda, Coffee, Tea

* Proceeds go to fund

UWM Save A Senior Campaign


Fund our Fight!

   Help us reinstate RX Coverage

$42.00 if paying by credit/debit

Thank you for supporting our fight!

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