RECAP of Eastern Shore Meeting

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     The Eastern Shore RX Drug Coverage Meeting went very well. 

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Eastern Shore RX Drug Coverage Group Meeting

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        United We Matter is sponsoring a RX Drug Coverage meeting on 11/18/2021 in Stevensville, Kent Island from 11:30am to 3:30pm


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United We Matter Address Change

United We Matter

4990 Mercantile Road, Unit #44102

Nottingham, MD 21236

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UWM Annual Meeting - October 12, 2021

        United We Matter is sponsoring a meeting on 10/12/2021.  


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Ken Fitch 08/11 Radio Interview

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Delegate Dan Cox Announces Candidacy

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On this 4th of July 2021, Valerie and I are announcing that I am stepping up to run to be your next Governor of Maryland to restore Freedom to the Free State. My video announcement is linked below on our campaign website.  Thank you for your support and I ask you to consider a contribution by clicking the link below and donating on the secure site, as we need your help to carry this Flag for us and our children. #PoliticsAnsweringToThePeople #FreedomIsNotFree #RuleOfLaw #fourthofjuly2021 #dutyhonorcountry #GodBlessAmerica #MakeMarylandThriveAgain #freedom #dontstopbelieving

2021 Lawn Chair Mega Rally 


Announcement #20
May 22, 2021

      This rally will be a little different -  First it will start at about 5:15pm.  Second - Bring your lawn chair (no Standing if you don't want to) and Third - no walking.  This Rally is a Senior's dream.  You just need to show up. 

       The Rally will be taking place in Catonsville, Baltimore County.  Plan to show for this.  Remember June 9th.   Save the date!   

         Enter your email address to confirm your attendance.  More info will be sent as we get closer to the date.   

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Announcement #19

May 4, 2021

Rally Cancelled due to Weather Forecast


Check back for the new date and time. 

Sign Up for the Carl Jackson Rally 

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Announcement #18

April 29, 2021

                            REMEMBER THE RALLY IS  AROUND THE CORNER 


            Carl Jackson has forgotten he represents us!  LETS REMIND HIM.... 


Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Time: 10:00am

Meeting Locale:

Looneys Pub

8706 Belair Rd

Perry Hall, MD 21236


                                  Click link below if you wish to attend. 


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Announcement #17

Posted 04/24/2021

McIntosh refuses to call vote


      Well disappointing. Delegate Szeliga withdrew the Amendment because Delegate McIntosh REFUSED to put it up for a vote in the Appropriations Committee. McIntosh is also a member of the House Rules committee (where HB 1335 was). She represents Baltimore City and yet was in a position to deny thousands of state retirees the right to prescription drug coverage. A right that they earned with their service to the State. For three years this committee has not allowed this bill out of committee. She needs to go.


Announcement #16

Posted 04/12/2021



House Minority Whip, Delegate Kathy Szeliga (Baltimore, Harford County)

Announcement #15

Posted 04/12/2021

Minority Whip Szeliga moves to Amend!

Well well well.  If you got to look at the House Floor Session today, Minority Whip, Delegate Kathy Szeliga moved to amend SB 680 to include the reinstatement of Prescription Drug Coverage.   Of course there were resistance.  Delegate Maggie McIntosh then moved that the amendment be “special order” to the Appropriations Committee.  (Delegate McIntosh is the chair of that committee and that is where all our other bills died.)  There was an argument as to which motion had precedence and the “special order” motion won out backed by Delegate Wilkens who is the “only parliamentarian” in the House of Delegates.     


What is a “special order”?  It is when a floor action is postponed until a definite time and date.  Well since this is the last day of session for 2021, it appears this will be in the Appropriations committee in 2022. That’s my take, but it could be wrong.  If I hear differently I will let you know.   So looks like we need to let Delegate McIntosh and Delegate Wilkins feel our presence….... 


                                                              RALLY TIME!  

Maryland House Floor Session 04/10/2021

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Announcement #14

Posted 04/10/2021

         Well did you hear it?  The House of Delegates had a debate over whether a bill should pass to allow one judge health care benefits with his pension.  HB 607.  (It passed by the way).   


         The debate starts at 9:20 marker.  Delegate McComas (Harford County) could not see the sense in doing this for one judge when thousands of state retirees don’t have prescription drug coverage. That’s at 27.50 marker.  Delegate Szlyega is working hard to get an amendment in.


          Oh by the way this was in the morning session.  So a lot of you might have missed it. For those of you who watched the afternoon session, don’t feel bad.  I watched it too – its quite interesting to see how a part of the sausage is made.  


To hear the debate click onto the link below.

Announcement #13

Posted 04/06/2021


·       In June of 2011, the Maryland General Assembly passed a law that eliminated prescription drug coverage for State retirees who reached 65 or retired disabled effectively sentencing them to death.

       In June of 2018, the State of Maryland got around to telling State Retirees that their prescription drug coverage was eliminated seven years earlier.   

        Now when disabled and elderly retirees need their prescription drug coverage the most, the Maryland General Assembly says NO.   Click here to sign the Petition to Save the Lives of the Disabled and Elderly Retirees.  Reinstate the RX Drug Coverage Program

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Announcement #12

Posted 03/22/2021

Fitch Television Interview


       Television Interview of Delegate Lauren Arikan and Ken Fitch on Lawyer's Mall in Annapolis Maryland.  State Retirees braved a bucket load of rain  to protest against the elimination of Prescription Drug Coverage.  Click onto the link below.


Retired state employees want prescription drug benefits restored | WDVM25 & DCW50 | Washington, DC (


Announcement #12

Posted 03/22/2021

Fitch to Interview - March 25, 2021

     Ken Fitch will be interviewed live at 9:55 AM on March 25, 2021 by Dave Norman on WCBC 1270 AM. WCBC covers Western Maryland.   Tune In!   For anyone whose radio will not receive Western Maryland stations - you can click the above link to hear the March 2nd interview LIVE as it happens!. 

Announcement #11

Posted 03/22/2021

      WDVM will be having a press interview with Ken Fitch in Annapolis.  Senator Paul Corderman and Delegate Lauren Arikan have stepped up to show their support in our efforts and will be present during the press conference.  


Announcement #10

Posted 03/22/2021

      Delegate Carl Jackson pulled HB 1335 from the House Rules and Executive Nomination Committee. As a result, there is no bill pending in the General Assembly in 2021 that will address the Prescription Drug Coverage Needs of Retirees who are disabled or 65 and older.  It is a death sentence for every retiree who needs medication to stay alive. 

Car Rally 03/16/2021 & 03/17/2021

Announcement #9

Posted 03/15/2021

       2nd & 3rd Car Rally of 2021!  We will Rock the Capital!  State Retirees will be circling the State House to protest against the elimination of their Prescription Drug Coverage.  The Car Rally Protest will begin promptly at 8:30am.  Please contact Ken Fitch at for more information. 

Announcement #8

Posted 03/07/2021

       1st Car Rally of 2021!  State Retirees will be circling the State House to protest against the elimination of their Prescription Drug Coverage.  The Car Rally Protest will begin promptly at 8:30am.  Please contact Ken Fitch at for more information. 

Car Rally 03/09/2021

UNITED WE MATTER 030221Fitch Interview with Dave Norman
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Announcement #7

Posted 02/24

Fitch to Interview on March 2, 2021

     Ken Fitch will be interviewed live at 9:20 AM on March 2, 2021 by Dave Norman on WCBC 1270 AM. WCBC covers Western Maryland.   Tune In!   For anyone whose radio will not receive Western Maryland stations - you can click the above link to hear the March 2nd interview LIVE as it happens!. 

Fitch Interview02/24/2021 Interview with Dave Norman
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Announcement #6

Posted 02/19


Announcement #5

Posted 02/18

Fitch to Interview Live on WCBC

       Ken Fitch will be interviewed live at 9:55 AM on February 24, 2021 by Dave Norman on WCBC 1270 AM. WCBC covers Western Maryland.  A second live interview will occur on March 2, 2021.  Tune In! 


Announcement #4

Posted 02/11

HB 1335 introduced!

     Delegate Carl Jackson (Baltimore County) has introduced HB 1335 in the Maryland House.  HB 1335 is a bill that seeks to reinstate prescription drug coverage for state retirees who vested into the Maryland State Employee and Retiree Health Welfare and Benefits program.  Call the House Rules and Executive Nomination Committee to show your support!

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Announcement #3

Posted 02/11

Eastern Shore & Western MD ADS

United We Matter will be running radio ads in Western Maryland on WCBC and on the Eastern Shore on WTDK-FM 107.1 and WAAI-FM 100.9.  If anyone would like to donate for these ads, it would be appreciated.  You can hear the radio ads below.

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Announcement #2

Posted 02/6

WCBM - 1st Radio Ad

      I want to thank everyone that sent a check in for the radio advertisement.   We were able to meet our goal!  The radio ad will run on WCBM 680 AM starting  Monday Feb. 15 2021 till Friday, February 19, 2021.  Then the radio ad will run Monday Feb. 22nd and Tues. 23rd.  The ad will be heard two times on the specified days between 6am and 6 pm.  This  could not have happened without your support!  Thank you.   Listen below.                                        

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Radio ADS?

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Announcement #1

Posted 01/26

Hello members,


     I have been getting a lot of questions about the radio advertisement.  Thank you for all the questions!  Here is more information,

     The target audience is the 48,000-90,000 State retirees who still live in Maryland and who are affected by the loss of prescription drug coverage. The purpose of the ad is to raise awareness about this issue to generate greater participation to our letter, email and phone campaigns, rallies and demonstrations.  It won't hurt to make the general public more knowledgeable and maybe more sympathetic about our issue. 

      Donate whatever you can. I am looking to run an ad between 6am and 6pm for seven days. The one-minute ad costs $70 a minute. The ad would run 2 or 3 times a day. $10 from 100 members would cover the cost.

      If you decide to donate to the ad  (give whatever you can) please make your checks payable to: United We Matter.  Send it to 111 Warren Road, Suite 7A, Cockeysville, MD 21030.  In the memo line, put in Radio AD.

Ken Fitch