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2020 - Hindsight and a Year of Firsts

2020 has been a year of firsts. First shutdown of the state in my lifetime. Of course this happened when we were trying to get the House of Delegates to pass Delegate Joe Boteler’s bill to grandfather in the State Retirees to the prescription drug program. Of course all our meetings had to stop. Our street rallies had just taken off and they had to stop. Meetings with legislators that had been scheduled were now indefinitely postponed. In short our fight was stalled.

But that did not stop the fight. It only changed how we would fight. Now we have online meetings. We use the telephone a great deal more than we have ever done. Emails are now a staple. What I am saying is that the way to fight may have changed, but the fight will continue.

As you know I have wanted to remove United We Matter from Facebook for some time. Now that I have a blog up on our website, I can reach you directly and communicate my thoughts without having to worry if they will be misinterpreted or misused. Let me know what you think.

Ken Fitch


United We Matter

What do you think?

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