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A Little Help is Needed

Hello everyone,

Are you aware that the State of Maryland eliminated State Retirees Rx Drug Coverage? Yes. Any State Retiree 65 and older or on a disability is affected. This is something they worked for and was promised. I, Ken Fitch, took the State of Maryland to Federal court and received an injunction (Fitch v. Maryland) to stop the enforcement of this illegal and inhumane law. So many State retirees aren’t aware of this action because their prescription drug coverage never stopped. This injunction allowed thousands of State retirees to retain their coverage as long as this case is pending. We have to get our coverage back! We have many retired officers in our group who are over 65 or retired disabled who are scared that their days on this earth is limited. So I am asking for a little help. I have a petition up on the web page ( directed to the Maryland General Assembly demanding the return of our coverage. Could you please join us in this fight? At least help our fight and sign the petition? You could also join RX Drug Coverage Group on Facebook for information.

Thank you for reading this request.

Ken Fitch


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