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Updated: Apr 26

I have been talking to lawmakers – calling everyday for status of our bill, HB 1335. It appears that the Chairman of the House Rules Committee, Anne Healy, is holding the bill up and has not yet called for a vote at the direction of House and possibly Senate leadership. If you remember we need a two-thirds majority to get it out of this Committee because the HB 1335 bill was submitted late. Trying to get information out of these lawmakers is like pulling teeth. Well I can assure you that by the time this is over they will be wearing dentures.

Until the Chairman brings it to a vote, the members of the Committee cannot vote. So a handful of people are holding our reinstatement bill in limbo. You got it. Out of 141 people in the House of Delegates – Eight people determine whether this bill gets out of the House Rules Committee. EIGHT People! Let that sink in. If THEY won’t support you now – how can YOU support them for re-election in 2022?

So I need everyone to flood their phone lines. Why? Each message is logged, either by the person who picks up the phone or by the person who has to retrieve the voice mail. Emails can be deleted( after receipt of an automated response) , faxes can be thrown away, but a phone call to a live body could make the difference for our cause. I hope that we call so much that we get that beautiful message – Sorry we are unable to take your message because the voice mail is full. Can you do this? Can you get HB 1335 out of committee? If you can commit to calling these eight people once a day – it should make a difference.

So call and tell them that you want HB 1335 voted out of committee. Tell them we worked for the State of Maryland for countless years and that WE pay THEM to work for us! Tell them that State retirees are UNITED in this issue. Tell them that if that you worked for this benefit – you earned it. Tell them that if they can’t work this bill - State retirees will show them at election time that WE MATTER.

Delegate Anne Healey, Chairman (410) 841-3961, (301) 858-3961

Delegate Marvin E. Holmes, Jr. , vice Chair (410) 841-3310, (301) 858-3310

Delegate Adrienne Jones, Speaker of the House, (410) 841-3800, (301) 858-3800

Delegate Sheree Sample Hughes, Speaker Pro Tem (410) 841-3427, (301) 858-3427

Delegate Eric Luedtke, Majority Leader, (410) 841-3110, (301) 858-3110

Delegate Talmadge Branch, Majority Whip, (410) 841-3398, (301) 858-3398

Delegate Nicholaus Kipke, Minority Leader (410) 841-3421, (301) 858-3421

Delegate Kathy Szeliga, Minority Whip (410) 841-3698, (301) 858-3698

Senator Bill Ferguson, President, (410) 841-3600, (301) 858-3600

Ken Fitch


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Unknown member
Feb 24, 2021

With 90,000 retirees affected, these eight people should be deluged with phone calls. CALL Today!

Unknown member
Feb 24, 2021
Replying to

Called everybody on the list today. And tomorrow will call again!

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