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A Little Rain Must Fall

Updated: Apr 26

After speaking to the news station about the press interview, I called a number of delegates to see if they would support our quest to reinstate our coverage. Hats off to DELEGATE LAUREN ARIKAN (one of the Fantastic Four who voted AGAINST SB 946 in 2020) who answered our call almost immediately stating that she would support our efforts at any time, any place. That is a lawmaker who is principled and sticks by her convictions. We need more like her in our State Capitol, representing the people of this State.

Well I have a major disappointment. Carl Jackson who sponsored HB 1335 has pulled the bill. Why? It does not fit the legislative agenda being pushed at this time. In other words, we don’t matter. Our lives are expendable. Our one issue that will fulfill the State of Maryland’s promise to us is not important enough for the legislature to take the time and FIX this problem. Anyway I called him this morning asking for him to attend this press conference. His office returned my call to tell me that the Delegate had a more important engagement and could not attend. I asked what was more important. He said he had floor duty and it was mandatory that he attend. I said two minutes. I was told he couldn’t leave. I then asked what if he had to go to bathroom (I was a little more graphic) I was told that was different. So he can leave the Floor to go to the bathroom for fifteen minutes but couldn’t leave the Floor for two minutes to support us? This has the earmarks of the House leadership all over it. They don’t want us to get our RX coverage. I was also told that Delegate Carl Jackson pulled HB 1335 last week. Figures.

I am so tired of lip service. That is why we need lawmakers like Delegate Arikan to voice we, the people’s concerns. Well Delegate Carl Jackson will not stop me. Every year we have had a bill submitted to reinstate and next year will be no different. Anything worth having is worth fighting for and our task is not impossible. It just takes persistence and determination something that I have in spades! So the fight continues, but this time we are getting the media involved. Let’s see how that plays.

I hope you are all as fired up as I am. They want us to go away. Fat chance. We have only begun to fight! Stay tuned. More to come.

Ken Fitch

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