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Should we be worried?

If Biden’s presidential bid is successful, this is the person he wants in charge of his Coronavirus Task Force. Not a friend to the elderly, in fact he doesn’t think that people should live beyond 75 because it costs too much money and we have to give our children a chance to live their life without being burdened with taking care of their parents. What type of people will be dealing with our healthcare?

Ezekial Emmanuel advocates to discontinue his life at 75, because his children need to become matriachs and patriachs of the family and after 75 no man or woman can do anything productive. It does not take a leap to determine that if he views his own life that way (as not worth living after 75) – how will he view yours? Let’s get real. This group is full of seniors. How it not relevant to discuss who could be possibly leading one of the task force that deals with a virus that disproportionately strikes the elderly? How will this play out when discussions are made about health benefits for seniors? How much impact will his views have? We are already fighting to keep prescription drug benefits. Someone who does not value his own life after 75 makes the odds greater of not being in favor of continuing yours.

We will not bury our head in the sand and say it is not important. We cannot and I owe an obligation to my members to bring this out for discussion.

Ken Fitch

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