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I am American

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I just want to get this out here. I am American. Therefore I am entitled to certain rights granted to me under the Constitution. On my personal Facebook page I exercise those rights. My friends are normally people of like mind. It is there were I express my personal and political thoughts as each individual does who has a Facebook page. My belief in our Constitution is one of the things that moved me to fight for our prescription drug benefits, the pension rights for Md State Retirees and the need for Term Limits in Maryland. I believe my right to fight is guaranteed by the Constitution.

With that being said I do not ram my political views on my three Facebook pages – United We Matter, RXdrug Coverage or Maryland Citizens for Term Limits. None of these groups is for or against any political party. This is not a party thing. If political information is posted it is done so regardless of the political party identified. And you can say that I am an equal opportunity lambaster when the rights of State Retirees or the citizens of Maryland are threatened.

Now I get to the purpose of this perspective piece. On my personal face book page I state my beliefs, my political leanings and my feelings regarding political activity in this country. I am aware that everyone might not agree with my opinions, however first and foremost I am American who has the right to express myself there. So essentially I am saying that I can and will post what I want. Again I don’t do this on the other three pages I manage, because I feel it is not appropriate and the issues I am fighting for are politically blind. In other words the rights I am fighting for are bigger than any party. However if you choose to become my friend my personal page keep in mind if your response on my personal page is something I don’t believe in or is a nasty comment I will remove you, as is my right. Please keep in mind that also means that you will be removed from my other Facebook pages, since all three are connected to my personal page. I see things all the time that I don’t agree with and I just scroll by because it is that person’s right to express themselves and their beliefs. I might not agree with what you say, but I will respect your right to say it, but not on my personal page. I am American and proud of it too.

Ken Fitch

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