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Either you are with us OR you are against us. The people with us want to right a wrong. They want the State to reinstate their prescription drug coverage. It was something that was promised, something that they earned and its return is what that they deserve. The people against us – who knows what they want, but we do know they don’t your prescription drug coverage reinstated.

Okay with that in mind, would it surprise you to learn that that only one of the six Admins at the Maryland Gov’t Facebook page signed our petition? The five who didn’t sign our petition all were the intervenors who tried to get me and the attorney thrown off the case. Okay that is a sore subject, but I thought that even with everything that’s happened, they still wanted to do what they could to reinstate our drug coverage…like sign the petition. But they didn’t. Are these people with us or against us? From my vantage point, I will not be able to understand how anyone who now has this information can go to that page without saying something. But that’s me. You decide. Its your choice.

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