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Can they make this easier?

Are they making it harder or is it me? I'm talking about our lawmakers, all of them. The ones we voted in. Yes the ones whose salaries are paid by us. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that they are happy about this pandemic cause they don’t have to answer to their employer, I will try to give the benefit of the doubt. But its hard when you realize that they have no incentive to make it easier for us, their constituents to get a hold of them? Nothing drastic something like a mailroom, an answering service with a live body? Or Oh yea an email that doesn’t come with an auto response.

How are these lawmakers going to work for us if we can't get ahold of them? There is not one centralized mailbox for constituents to contact their lawmakers during this Corona time. I think that’s the way they want it. I am sure that lobbyist don’t have a problem getting in touch with them, but the average Joe who wants to speak to their employee is blocked. Are they going to continue to violate the open meeting act while they blockade concerns from the people who pay their salaries? The Open Meetings Act is a law they passed that doesn’t seem to apply to them (Look at Question 1). I guess they are forcing me and every other grass roots organization to do it the old fashioned way. Snail mail. I have been informed that in order to contact our legislators, I have to mail my concerns to their office (which is empty) so that mail can be forward to their home (if they accept) if they don’t have an office in their district. At .55 a stamp, a person will have to shell out a lot to contact all 188 lawmakers not including the Governor. Any information worth sending will cost more than one stamp. Wow. This is 2020 and this is the best the State of Maryland can do? Lawmakers start back in session in January. I have come up with a way to still contact them, but the machinations I have to go through makes me certain that lawmakers don’t want to hear from any of the taxpayers here in Maryland. What else is new?

Ken Fitch

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