We're Not Going to Take It.....Anymore

Updated: Mar 19

You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. In the early morning it was still cool, but the sun was shining brightly. I arrived around 8:00am ( we got donuts and juice at Graul’s) and welcomed all the people who came out to support the cause. Banners, balloons, flags and signs were the order for the day. We talked, we laughed, we enjoyed the weather and each other as we prepared for the We’re Not Going To Take it calvacade of protest cars.

Our first run we went around Church Circle, turned right at the Governor’s Mansion. Our intention was to travel around State Circle (in front of the State House and behind the Governor’s Mansion) before driving South between the House and Senate buildings. Well, we started up Church Circle cars honking loudly and using a megaphone blasting, “We’re not Going to Take it Anymore” and radio ads that said Attention State Retirees the General Assembly and the Governor have taken away your prescription drug coverage.

As soon as we made the right turn to access State Circle we were alerted to the Capitol Police. Lights flashing, they used their cars to block our entrance onto State Circle. Yes sir, Ken said as the officer approached the car. We are here to protest against the elimination of prescription drug coverage for State retirees. The officer seemed sympathetic. “Sir we have no problem with that, but the Governor does not want to be disturbed. I’m sorry sir you cannot go this way. You are going to have to make a three-point turn and go back the way you came.” Ken said “We are not leaving the area. We will be protesting today.” The officer nodded again saying he understood, but we could not protest behind the Governor’s house. (I guess the Governor didn’t care that behind his house was the State Capital.) But I digress since the officer was doing his job.

So, each successive pass more and more police (with cars) uniformed and plain clothes showed up. Some were nodding to the beat of our song - passersby were mouthing the words - We’re Not going to take it Anymore. I want to thank everyone who came to the rally today. It was a hit. Later that day Ken received a video from a Delegate. The Delegate was in a caucus meeting on the third floor of the House Building and took a video of our protest car rally rounding the corner. Our horns echoed throughout the streets and through the buildings. Our little protest was the talk of that caucus. We made an impression. We were heard. We were seen. We were talked about. All in all it was a very good day for our cause. Again, a big thank you to everyone that came to the Rally. A big thank you for everyone who called lawmakers while we were in Annapolis. You helped make this a successful event. Come join us at the Next Rally and make a difference.

Deb Hill

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