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We Got Two Years - Let's Get them Out!

I received this from Delegate Carl Jackson’s office. (The Staffer hit Reply instead of forward). I am bringing this to your attention since the Maryland General Assembly is decidedly against revisiting the Grandfather Bill. Well we have two years to try to get them out. We need to remove the lawmakers who do not want to honor Maryland’s commitment to its retirees. Namely us keeping our prescription drug coverage and not reducing the employer portion of their pension. Anyone interested? This is the email from him below and my response. _____________________________________________ On Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 1:12 PM Jackson, Carl Delegate <> wrote: This was actually only sent to Delegate Dan Cox (I am guessing they bcc’d other legislators? – see below, nobody else is listed). United We Matter is the group that wants all the retiree health care benefits reinstated – any bill like this is DOA, the compromise bill was passed a few years back. Wasn’t sure if you wanted to respond since the email wasn’t actually sent to you. I can also tell them that you support them still if you’d like also – this is the group that you testified with on the retiree bill last year. Delegate Carl Jackson Maryland House of Delegates Legislative District 8 303 House Office Bldg. 6 Bladen Street Annapolis, MD 21401 Phone: 410-841-3766 Fax: 410-841-3034 ______________________________________________________ Re: Retirees of the State of Maryland UWM Info <> 1:37 PM (28 minutes ago) to Carl Really! Does DOA mean what I think it means? I'm in your district and you must have forgotten that no one voted you in. I will do all I can to make you regret not fighting for senior citizens who worked for the State of Maryland. Ken Fitch President United We Matter

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