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ITS PAYING OFF! Well after our encounter with the Capitol Police on Wednesday, I reached out to the television station that was recording our rally. I called the station and got the email address of the camera crew and the reporter who were there. (Remember the camera man took video of us as we went down St. John behind the House Building and then recorded us as we drove in front of the House Building on Bladen Street.) I emailed them this morning and asked if their station wanted the story behind the rally. Yup they did. Steve Cohen called me back a little while ago and said that he would be in Annapolis on Wednesday March 24th and asked if I was available then. I said of course WE would be available. (I see another rally coming…. More about that later.) He also asked if I had any legislative support. Well, this is when the rubber meets the road. What lawmaker will stand in front of the cameras and say yes I support the effort of these state retirees? I contacted Senator Paul Corderman, Delegate Dan Cox, Delegate Lauren Arikan, Minority Whip Delegate Kathy Szeliga, Delegate Harry Bhanderi, Delegate Carl Jackson and Delegate Joe Boteler and left voice messages for each. Hopefully I will hear back soon. I can’t thank all the people who rallied on Tuesday and Wednesday enough. It is due to your efforts that this is even possible. A great many of the people who came on Tuesday also showed up Wednesday. Their commitment should serve as an example to every member of this group. Again, I cannot thank them enough. Oh and I have to thank Deb for driving me around those two days. (But between you and me that woman needs a driver’s refresher course. That woman is a menace on the road. I think its payback for all those times I drove her over the Bay Bridge. LOL)

Remember – We Matter

Ken Fitch President United We Matter

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