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Our Mission:

United WE MATTER is a volunteer organization whose mission is to preserve the rights, pensions and benefits of retired Maryland State employees.  

Promises Broken

Debt Unpaid

Our lives are not disposable and the continuation of our Pension and Pension benefits is not negotiable.   We have put in years of service with the State government to acquire our benefits and our full pension.  Around the country, public sector retiree benefits are now being used to balance budgets and pay for new programs.   We do not want the State of Maryland to renege on their promise to provide the benefits we paid for to be available during our retirement.  



We are your grandparents, your aunts and uncles, and whatever affects us will have a ripple effect upon the rest of society.  We carry wisdom and experience with our age and should not be seen as a liability, but as a tremendous asset. WE MATTER and United we are UNSTOPPABLE.

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