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Our Mission:

United WE MATTER is a volunteer organization whose mission is to defend and preserve the rights, pensions and benefits of retired Maryland State employees.  

Promises Broken

Debt Unpaid

Our lives are not disposable and the continuation of our Pension and Pension benefits is not negotiable.   We have put in years of service with the State government to acquire our benefits and our full pension.  Around the country, public sector retiree benefits are now being used to balance budgets and pay for new programs.   We do not want the State of Maryland to renege on their promise to provide the benefits we paid for to be available during our retirement.  



We are your grandparents, your aunts and uncles, and whatever affects us will have a ripple effect upon the rest of society.  We carry wisdom and experience with our age and should not be seen as a liability, but as a tremendous asset. WE MATTER and United we are UNSTOPPABLE.



United We Matter Meeting

Attend A Meeting

  • United We Matter, in conjunction with the Maryland RXdrug Coverage Facebook Group holds meetings around the State to inform Maryland State Retirees of the progress of the Lawsuit, Fitch v. Maryland as well as the legislative efforts to restore prescription drug benefits.  (Due to Covid-19 restrictions, United We Matter now holds all meetings online. ) 

  • United We Matter keeps its members apprised of the latest threats or challenges through the member section of this website and Facebook.  We are exploring additional social media for expansion. 


Fitch & Volunteers


  • United We Matter mobilizes our team of volunteer state retirees to organize, identify and correlate state retirees to make a real difference. 

  • If you are housebound, Help us by contacting your state and local lawmakers  to emphasize our commitment to preserving State retirees benefits. 

  • Maryland State retirees have already demonstrated their commitment by devoting years of service to the State.   As they grow older the need for the services earned is needed more than ever.  Community outreach makes a concerted effort to reach these retirees. 

  • Help United We Matter and Maryland State Retirees by contacting your local lawmakers and let them know of your support.   

March 10 Appropriations Committee Hearin

Rally for Legislation 

  Rally/ Legislative Efforts

  • During the Maryland General Assembly session, once a week, United We Matter mobilizes to let our lawmakers know that they do not have the moral or legal authority to eliminate benefits that were earned by our years of service. 

  • Rallies are being coordinated in front of the Governor's mansion, the State Delegate House, the Senate Building and individual district offices of crucial lawmakers.  Join United We Matter to see what can be accomplished when you get an impassioned team of State retirees to focus on the preservation of their public sector benefits they earned.

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