OUR FIRST RALLY !

                                                                                 WE Matter Rally - March 28, 2019

          Wow! It was a brisk and cold morning where gloves were a necessity. Deb Hill, my sister Kathy Kilian, my brother in law Buzz and myself came to Annapolis to protest the 2011 Act that eliminated our drug coverage and the bills proposed this session. Ann Squeaky Salomone Sams, Diane Ramsey, Deb Gilmore and Ginny Walsh were the first to show up. They were determined to let lawmakers know how they felt about Maryland's broken promise to the state retirees.

          If they were the only ones who showed up, we would have been fine - But they weren't. State Retirees came from Thurmont, Hagerstown, Salisbury, Carroll County, and Pikesville with home made signs and a determination to be heard. We surrounded the House and Senate Buildings. We chanted, we yelled and made our presence felt. People in the state house came down and repeated our chant back to us. The news channels heard us and came down for an interview. This would not have happened if everyone had not come out and supported this issue.


     I realty appreciated everyone who showed up for this cause this is what we need. We left an impression and we made the 6:00 news on Channel 11 and 13. I didn't think to take a picture until the end so quite a few people had already left. So if you do not see yourself in our picture - shout out and say I was there! Because today you made a difference.


Remember - WE MATTER


Ken Fitch

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